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About The Artist

Born in 1984 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Alexander Sands is a multi-faceted creator, painter, poet, musician, performer, and entrepreneur.  Although largely self-taught, Sands learned much of design and various art techniques from his father and throughout public school, continuing to take art courses at DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois, where he became a Bachelor of the Arts of Religious Studies in 2006. Undoubtedly, the ongoing study of religion and philosophy has been the driving force behind Sands’ artistic work.   During his time in Chicago, Sands spent much of his time devoted to folk music and lyrical poetry, while also designing promotional material for bands.  Sands returned to Pittsburgh in 2008 where he opened an analog tape recording studio that became a “musician’s BnB”, and continued producing albums, hosting touring artists, and designing promotions.  From 2012-2015 he fronted and toured with the rock group Coronado as keyboard/vocalist.

In 2016, Sands began a more serious interest in painting after seeing a vision inspired by a book on Native American philosophy.  He infused these ideas with his studies of "Theosophy"- including (but not limited to) Alchemy, Jungian Psychology, Numerology, Zen Buddhism, Christianity, and The Tarot.  While Sands' primary work incorporates many of these elements, he also creates what he calls “Lifestyle Art” (i.e. Pop Art) and has also made his own board games and craft work including jewelry boxes, miniatures, and small sculptures.  In 2017, Sands joined with Josh Barnes, Chris McCune, and Marty Alberts, to create a warehouse art collaborative informally known as “1106 Reedsdale Street” where they hosted avant-garde international music and dance performances until closing in April 2019.  Sands and Barnes would relocate to a new studio above the Victoria Beverages Building in the Larimer Section of Pittsburgh, until parting ways in October 2019. 

Sands has shown his art in select exhibitions, mostly in the eastern United States, and works from his home studio in Sharpsburg, PA, a borough of Pittsburgh.   Along with partner and wife Kelsey Dennis, together they founded  Vestige Concept Gallery in January 2021.  As a gallery owner and entrepreneur, the couple has successfully hosted works from National Artists through a variety of mixed exhibitions.

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