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"Sabre Rattle" (or, The Secret Order of Things), 2020


Released May 2020

(50 copies each of the "black" and the "grey" versions)

Track Listing: (78:00 run time)

1. Mars, ruler of Aries

2. Vulcan, ruler of Virgo

11. Uranus, ruler of Aquarius

3. Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius

4. Earth, ruler of Taurus

22. Pluto, ruler of Scorpio

5. Mercury, ruler of Gemini

6. Venus, ruler of Libra

33. Neptune, ruler of Pisces

7. Moon, ruler of Cancer

8. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn

44. Atlas, an occult point

9. Sun, ruler of Leo

Conceived* and recorded by Alexander Sands on 2 and 8-track tape equipment and field recordings.  Project began in October 2015 and was continued in May 2016.  The tape equipment suffered damage and the project was abandoned until 2020, whereupon Sands worked using digital recording equipment with Nate Campisi @ Mr. Small's Northside Studio, Pittsburgh, PA. 

Tracks 33, 8, 44, and 9 were co-engineered with Nate Campisi @ Mr. Small's Northside Studio. 


Track 2 originally released as 'Punished By The Light', performed by Bear Skull.  Track 44 background drone performed by Dreme. 

Mastered @ Mr. Small's Northside Studio.

*Track order is based on the book "Numerology and Your Future" by Dusty Bunker.


Alternate "grey" cover. Photo by Arthur Tress.


April, 2020

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