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Battleship, WWII Edition:

United States vs. Japan

(4X Size of the regular game)

Bass Wood, Battleship Game Parts, Hi-Res Prints, Blue Foam Liner.  2012.


Chess: The Crusades

Wood Panel, Molded Resin, Enamel Paint, Faux Gemstones, Red Foam Case Liner (Not Shown).  2006-2008.  NFS

Caracas Metro Audio Trinket Box

Wood Box, Paint, Graphics, Pull-Out Map, Audio Speaker w/ Light Sensor. Plays a field recording taken within the Metro.   2018. Private Gift, NFS~

"Jade Dream" Round Jewelry Box

Wood, Felt Interior, Paper 

2022 Sold

Round Jewlery Box.jpg

Green Labyrinth + "Black Marble" Jewelry Boxes

Wood, Paint, Felt Interior, Paper  2022 Sold


French Colours Jewelry Box

Wood, Paint, Felt, Paper 2022/2023 (Ed. of 2) Sold


Art Deco Motif in Yellow

Wood, Felt, Paper


Yellow Deco 1.jpg
Yellow Deco 2.jpg
Yellow Deco 3.jpg

Art Deco Motif in Blue

Wood, Felt, Paper


Blue Deco 1_edited.jpg
Blue Deco 3_edited.jpg
Blue Deco 2_edited.jpg

"Color Cubes" Jewelry Box

Wood, Paint, Felt, Paper 2023

Square Box1.jpg
Square Box 2.jpg

Purple Leaf Jewelry Box

Wood, Paint, Felt, Paper 2017 NFS

Square Jewelry Boxes

Wood, Paint, Felt, Fine Italian Paper.  2018 Sold


Various Wine Bottles

Glass, Paint.  2017-2019


Narcissistic Heart

Faux Heart, and Barbed Wire on Painted Madeira Wine Bottle, 2018

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