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The Airplane Graveyard EP, 2008


CD face painting by Robert Sands, circa 1970's

Recorded in October 2007, Released March 2008

Track Listing:

Four Mile House

American Hotel no. 2

Evening Song

The Iron Heel

Physic To The Dog (Previously Unreleased)

Nate Campisi: bass; Joe Darnaby: lead guitar; Chris McCune: drums; Alexander Sands: guitar, vocals, B2 organ;

Mark Lowe: B2 organ on Track 1 and piano on Track 2 (previously uncredited)

Engineered by Larry Luther @ Mr. Small's Northside Studio except Track 4, 5, engineered by Nate Campisi.

The Single 'American Hotel no. 2' was featured on 91.3 WYEP FM Pittsburgh during the Spring of 2008.

Alexander Sands The Airplane Graveyard_edited.jpg

2007, Courtesy of  NGMPIX

The Airplane Graveyard was a modern rock band that was born out of a road trip taken to Baja California in 2007.  Dismayed with folk music, Sands wanted to experiment with an electric group and enlisted a newcomer Pittsburgh studio engineer Nate Campisi, convincing him to switch from guitar to bass.  Campisi brought on longtime friend Chris McCune (drums), and wanting the "perfect" lead guitar sound, Sands hired pro Chicago guitarist Joe Darnaby.  Ultimately, the group never succeeded in replacing Darnaby, and the expense of flying him from Chicago to Pittsburgh led to their demise within one year.  The original group only played one show, at Pittsburgh's now defunct 31st Street Pub, opening for Chicago's The Low Anthem.

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