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Coronado 'Self Titled', 2012


Released October 2012

Track Listing:

Something Died

Warmth, Thieves, and Slaves

When You Die (It's Too Late)

The Souza Show

Lay Me Down

Texas Blues

The Great Divide*



The Tolling Bell

No, Thanks

Rowland: bass; Andy Carlson: guitar, vocals; Brian Swed: guitar, cornet (on Track 4); Alexander Sands: keyboards, vocals, guitar (Track 3); Marc Martinka: drums

Engineered and Produced by Coronado @ The Subterranean Mint, Lower Burrell, PA

*The Great Divide written by Chet Vincent.

Original Coronado logo designed by Maggie Negrete.


Coronado's first effort as a group consisted of a patchwork of differing material due to having multiple writers and a band in their early-developmental stages.  Drummer Marc Martinka formed the band and led the way, bringing an indie-rock sound into the mix, and inspiring Sands to collaborate on songs and move out of a period of depression and writer's block.  As for Sands' efforts, 'When You Die', and 'Alexander' were old material, with 'The Tolling Bell' being his only new contribution to the group and return to songwriting. 


Guitarist/vocalist Andy Carlson's songs were also from a prior group, and were mostly heavier blues-inspired works.  "The Great Divide" was added from a period in 2011 where Sands was working with Pittsburgh songwriter Chet Vincent, on a project called "Chester A. Arthur & Friends" which featured their girlfriends, drummer Abe Anderson (The Big Bend), and bassist Jakob Marsico (who would become Coronado's first bass player before dropping out after recording the Demo Version of 'Something Died')  When Sands' girlfriend left him (and Chester A. Arthur) a rift was formed among many friends and acquaintances of that era who would mainly congregate at a local Pittsburgh pub called The Parkhouse.  Sands and Anderson had a falling out, wherein Sands recorded Vincent's song as a kind of "reaching out" (to both Anderson and Vincent), whilst the title and lyrics are not surprisingly about a "great divide" that was formed. 

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