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Coronado 'Remastered', 2013


Released Memorial Day Weekend, May 2013

Track Listing:

Something Died

Another Night In America** Single

Warmth, Thieves, and Slaves

Lay Me Down

Texas Blues

When You Die (It's Too Late)

Domino Blues (Previously Unreleased)

Rowland: bass; Andy Carlson: guitar, vocals; Brian Swed: guitar; Alexander Sands: keyboards, vocals; Marc Martinka: drums

**Nate Campisi: bass and engineering, Track 2.

Remastered @ Mr. Small's Northside Studio.  Originally Engineered and Produced by Coronado @ The Subterranean Mint.

The Single 'Another Night In America' was featured on 105.9 The X Pittsburgh during the Summer of 2013.  The band performed the song live on 102.5 WDVE FM Pittsburgh in May of 2013.


Due to production delays in their forthcoming 'Past Present Future' album, the Remastered album was released prior to two road dates in Chicago, and as an effort to bolster new interest in the band.  The song 'Another Night In America' was recorded at Mr. Small's Northside Studio for a collaboration/mix CD with other Pittsburgh bands that would never be released.  Sands wrote the song the morning of going to the studio and the band rehearsed it 2 times in the same morning.


After recording, Sands felt that the song worked better as a single for the band, and decided to go ahead with releasing it.  Since bassist Alex Rowland quit the band shortly after, his parts were replaced by engineer Nate Campisi.  Guitarist/singer Andy Carlson appears on both the Single and his blues jam "Domino Blues" was added as bonus material to the CD.  Sands does not appear on 'Domino Blues' and Carlson would move back to Los Angeles before the album was released.  Only 30 copies of the album were ever made, with a limited edition "gold CD vinyl" and professional studio remastering.

The Single was played live on 102.5 WDVE FM Pittsburgh prior to the Chicago "tour" dates in May 2013, and was subsequently played in rotation on 105.9 The X FM, Pittsburgh during that summer.  The band never performed the song live at any shows.

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