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Past Present Future, 2013


Recorded in Winter 2012/2013, Released July 2013

Track Listing:

Disturbing The Peace

Black Cloud

Memphis '68

Please, Katy Please

Red Headed Woman

El Dorado

Marty Connolly: bass; Brian Swed: guitar; Richard Stanley, guitar; Marc Martinka: drums

Alexander Sands: keyboards, acoustic guitar, vocals; Andy Carlson: guitar, vocals (except Track 2)

Engineered by Marc Martinka and Alexander Sands @ Atlas Cedars Studio and mixed @ The Subterranean Mint, Pittsburgh, PA, except Track 2, engineered by Jay Vega @ J-Bird Studios, Zelienople, PA.

Album cover photo credits: Kaela Speicher Photography

The track  'Disturbing The Peace' was performed live on 102.5 WDVE FM Pittsburgh during the Fall of 2012.


Past Present Future was a challenging and highly charged crossroads for Coronado. The band began recording the material at their practice studio 'Atlas Cedars' @ 1000 Cedar Ave., Pittsburgh, in the winter of 2012.  Midway through the tracking, original lead guitarist Andy Carlson quit the band to move back to Los Angeles, leaving behind his song 'Memphis '68' as contribution to the record, as well as some guitar and backing vocals.  After long struggles with alcohol (between Carlson, Sands, and bassist Alex Rowland), Rowland quit the band in the early spring of 2013 as production on the album began to lag behind, being moved to drummer Marc Martinka's home studio The Subterranean Mint.  Nearly all of Rowland's bass parts were re-worked by newcomer veteran bassist Marty Connolly.  As tensions grew between Sands and drummer Marc Martinka in the spring of that year due to production delays, Sands booked a day of studio time at J-Vega Studios to re-record 'Black Cloud' with the new lead guitarist Richard Stanley, in an effort to spark some energy back into the project.  The album was eventually released in July 2013, eight months after recording, and two months before Martinka would also leave the band.

The album cover featured the current members of the Coronado standing in front of a barn on Jay Vega's country property.  In the upper part of the barn is a faded image of the original members of the band, taken outside of the 102.5 WDVE FM Pittsburgh radio station the year prior.  Stanley and Connolly (although overdubbing onto the album later), were never present at the original recording session for the album.

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