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Untitled Final Studio Session, 2015


Released July 2015

Track Listing:

Dog In Heat

No Fun Carla

Burmese Python

Fortunes & Glory

Young Lust*

Filling The Void

Blues For Sallie Mae

Live Free or Die (Long Version)

Marty Connolly: bass; Brian Swed: lead guitar; Ryan Milliron: drums

Alexander Sands: keyboards, slide guitar (Track 8), saxophone (Track 2), vocals

Engineered and Mastered by Nate Campisi @ Mr. Small's Northside Studio, Pittsburgh, PA.


Unreleased Track: 'Desert Gold' written by Chet Vincent.  *Young Lust written by Pink Floyd.

This album is nearly the same as 'Better Than Drugs' but includes additional tracks 'No Fun Carla', 'Burmese Python', and 'Filling The Void', as well as different Mastering.

A limited number of these CDs were produced using leftover CD faces from the original Self-Titled Coronado album.  The release coincided with the 2015 Deutschtown Music Festival, where they were given away to their fans.

Drummer Ryan Milliron quit the band in June 2015 moving to Colorado, prompting the return of original drummer Marc Martinka for the Deutschtown show.  This was the last performance that Coronado ever gave.  The final album was never released and the band would later reform as 'Cisco Kid' (without Sands) in the Fall of 2015.

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