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Released August 2014

Track Listing:

Dog In Heat

Fortunes & Glory

Young Lust*

Blues For Sallie Mae

Live Free Or Die (Long Version)

Marty Connolly: bass; Brian Swed: lead guitar; Ryan Milliron: drums

Alexander Sands: keyboards, slide guitar (Track 5), vocals

Engineered and Mastered by Nate Campisi @ Mr. Small's Northside Studio, Pittsburgh, PA.


*Young Lust written by Pink Floyd.


Struggling through lineup changes and previous material (Dog In Heat/Fortunes & Glory) from the Rich Stanley (lead guitar) era, this was an Online-Only release intended to bridge the gap between the old and new Coronado.  Released as a Single, 'Live Free or Die' was originally intended as a song for Sands' earlier band The Airplane Graveyard and was reconstructed using the original slide guitar recordings from 2008, with the members of Coronado adding their overdubs. The subsequent recording was a hybrid of tracks completed nearly 6 years apart with two separate bands in two separate studios.  'Live Free or Die' was never played live by the band because of the extra equipment and down-tuned electric guitar that was necessary (Sands was on keyboards). 


The band performed Fortunes & Glory on the 102.5 WDVE FM Pittsburgh Morning Show, and 'Live Free Or Die' was played in rotation on 105.9 The X FM, Pittsburgh during this time period.  

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